True Romance – The Sicilian Scene

(Be advised, mature content )This is more Quentin Tarantino’s movie than it is director Tony Scott’s. It’s screenplay is as much a character as the likes of Drexl Spivey and Clarence Worley played by Gary Oldman and Christian Slater respectively. Tarantino has hailed this scene as one of his proudest moments and it’s not hard to see why. A knack he has is being able to maintain tension by just 2 people talking over a long period of time and you almost always know what the end game is. You know a script is good when you can imagine it looking good on paper and the great thing is that the actors suit the dialogue they’re saying, it never feels out of place, almost as if the character was written specifically for the actors in mind. It’s the kind of scene you want to brag about to people and recite all the lines and it never gets tiresome.


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