Daniel Plainview


One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen by one of my favourite actors, Daniel Day Lewis’ dastardly, megalomaniacal and wildly ambitious oil prospector is one of my favourite villains leading to Oscar winning proportions. The sheer ruthlessness is something fascinating, his embitterment is showcased by his despise towards people in general. As he says to his phony brother Henry, “I have a competition in me, I want no one else to succeed”, much emotion is pushed aside for his unwavering sense of greed, he even exploits HW (his son) just to show people that he’s a single father building an enterprise with hardly any help. It’s Day Lewis’ intense, maddening portrayal of a man in it for self and despite his violent tendencies, carved his way into prosperity that demonstrates pure drive, focus and an unquenchable thirst for power.


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