The Boss Baby Review

the boss baby poster

I’m of the opinion that children are getting wiser with each generation. They’re telling parents what to do, they dress like adults these days etc.

Whether The Boss Baby acknowledges this is another conversation but what it does teach is how many of us have had that fear of being loved less by our parents because of new brothers and sisters threatening the attention they feel they deserve.

I can’t say I was pumped for this at all. The concept seems intriguing enough; what comes as a sibling rivalry between an overly imaginative 7 year old and his suit wearing, corporate minded little brother turns into an effort to thwart a scheming CEO of a puppy company who’s plan is to somewhat discourage reproduction.

I was pretty sure the demographic this would be going for is children, under the ages of 7 I’d imagine. Given the madcap, slapstick energy, it’ll surely keep the young ones engaged to stop being bored.

the boss baby 1

Alec Baldwin seems an almost uninspired choice given much of the self congratulatory, confident nature is derived from his role in 30 Rock, but he seems to be having so much fun with the voice work that it’s hardly that distracting. We also get supporting turns from Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow (both of which I had no idea was in this) and Steve Buscemi, all seeming to be having a blast.

I could see this being turned into a cartoon series, there are moments of clever wit and cheeky humour but other times the imagination seems to run a little too wild and too many…butt shots and doody jokes.

the boss baby 3

Some critics have been struggling to even explain the plot. You could argue that it’s for kids so what do the adults care. That’d be unfair as if there are pop culture references and adult humor from the like of Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Glengarry Glen Ross (one of my all time favourites and which Baldwin was in) then the adults should be able to follow through the plot easily.

the boss baby 2

It’s also a little confusing as to what time period it takes place. Director Tom Mcgrath explains how he wanted to remind people of animation from the 60’s/70’s, a world of enchantment, a feeling of the old school. Some of the animation harkens back to that era but the movie never really gives any clue as to where we are exactly.

Also there’s a plot hole right at the end that involves someone returning and I’ll go as far as saying the parents in this movie are a little dim-witted.

I chuckled a few times maybe but I left feeling underwhelmed overall. It’s harmless at least and for some it’s decent family fun, not really something I’d want to read into too much anyway.



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