Butch and Fabienne make spoons

Although Pulp Fiction is my favourite movie of all time, this is my least favourite scene. I feel this derails the movies momentum, I could’ve bought into the couples romance even still. I trust that Quentin felt that this scene was necessary and it establishes both the characters’ affinity for one another on a deeper level, but I don’t think it adds all the much … Continue reading Butch and Fabienne make spoons

The Departed review

Style from Newsweek There’s rats, rationality and ratatatating! By Nigel Asipa on 03/01/2018 at 18:23 News In the world of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, its characters are trying to break free. Seeking an alternate destiny than what their environment has laid out for them. The gritty nature and ever twisted morality that surrounds these characters, help shape The Departed as an American tragedy that constantly focuses on well-intentioned justice and … Continue reading The Departed review

Hell Or High Water review

Style from Village Voice Hell Or High Water: a story of legacy, crime, family, poverty and justice. A tightly packaged cops and robbers socioeconomic thriller By Nigel Asipa January 3, 2018 Hell Or High Water is a lean, gritty, gripping western heist tale, one that uses the economic deterioration of its society to vividly portray its people as both downtrodden but wise to the ever … Continue reading Hell Or High Water review

Manchester By The Sea review

Style from Chicago Sun Times Powerful, funny and hopeful ‘Manchester By The Sea’ is an absolute treasure, one of 2016’s best. Entertainment 02/01/2018 17:42 Nigel Asipa @AsipaNigel|email Manchester By The Sea is the story of a man who wants to drown. Someone whose misdeeds and unreliability as a man have him disconnected and unconcerned with emotional detail. A man who walks the earth, muted and tired … Continue reading Manchester By The Sea review

Bladerunner review

Style used from The Washington Post Look At The Pretty Lights! By Nigel Asipa 02/01/2018 From the opening shot of Bladerunner, we see a future that’s both magnificent but ugly. The social collapse and environmental decay of 2019 Los Angeles is a city doomed, deprived of progress. The title and poster themselves are deceptively action-packed, Sheila Benson of the L.A. Times called it ‘Bladecrawler’. It’s pacing, … Continue reading Bladerunner review

Greed is Good!

A speech that has affected television, videos and presidential campaigns, Gordon Gekko’s iconic monologue is a warning of America’s potentially disastrous future. The sense of conviction and humbleness from Gekko is quietly sinister but to a degree, admirable. The fascination on Bud Fox’s face speaks to the many up and coming stockbrokers of that era. The speech is a more subdued delivery than that of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, … Continue reading Greed is Good!