Daniel Plainview


One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen by one of my favourite actors, Daniel Day Lewis’ dastardly, megalomaniacal and wildly ambitious oil prospector is one of my favourite villains leading to Oscar winning proportions. The sheer ruthlessness is something fascinating, his embitterment is showcased by his despise towards people in general. As he says to his phony brother Henry, “I have a competition in me, I want no one else to succeed”, much emotion is pushed aside for his unwavering sense of greed, he even exploits HW (his son) just to show people that he’s a single father building an enterprise with hardly any help. It’s Day Lewis’ intense, maddening portrayal of a man in it for self and despite his violent tendencies, carved his way into prosperity that demonstrates pure drive, focus and an unquenchable thirst for power.


Gunnery Hartman

(be advised, mature content) Truly the yardstick to which all drill sergeants ought to be measured against, R Lee Emery’s profanity laden, vicious Gunnery Sargent Hartman is a pure nightmare for the cadets in his beloved corps but a thing of absolute hilarity for us. His improvisation here is worth taking notes and spouting them at those unfamiliar with Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war drama Full Metal Jacket (my favourite of his filmography). Many remember fondly of the first 40 minutes, particularly because we don’t see Hartman afterwards, I still find the remainder of the film quite fascinating. Whether it’s anti war or not, It’s depiction of the dehumanization of soldiers is quite startling and disturbing really.


Riggan Thomson


Michael Keaton’s performance is outstanding in this movie, it’s the best comeback role since Mickey Rourke’s portrayal in 2008’s The Wrestler. It’s the best B-man Keaton’s done, not Beetlejuice, not Batman but Birdman. And like Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, Riggan is struggling for relevance and acceptance of todays pop culture. It’s a high wire act of self doubt, self importance and self improvement where things around just don’t seem to agree with him al that well that ought to make anyone call it quits. He’s on foreign terrain after all, an ex action star wanting to be taken seriously in the esteemed St James Theatre where everyone is watching him waiting for him to break, whether they’re on his side or not. It’s a role that’s all that’s so coincidental with Keaton’s own career that it edges towards self parody and one must wonder how much truth of Keaton’s own past is he imbuing here, it’s kind of worrisome really. Nonetheless its a role that for my money, could very well of won Keaton the Best Actor Oscar but since then Keaton has been sought after in roles for projects such as Spotlight, The Founder and the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming.

Inigo Montoya

Love this guy. One of the most bad ass quotes ever. This Spaniard lives for one goal, to avenge his father by killing the six finger man who killed him in Inigo’s youth. I love his elegance and his loyalty, he’s also quite sly at times which gives him an edgy quality. The fact that he says it over and over again makes him all the more vengeful.


Jules Winnfield


My favourite character ever. On Halloween or any occasion that invites dressing up, this is who I’m dressing up as. He’s so so cool, I love reciting his lines, I love his character arc and by far the best performance of Sam Jacksons career. His Ezekiel 25:17 speech is the most bad ass monologue I’ve ever heard.