Daniel Plainview

One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen by one of my favourite actors, Daniel Day Lewis’ dastardly, megalomaniacal and wildly ambitious oil prospector is one of my favourite villains leading to Oscar winning proportions. The sheer ruthlessness is something fascinating, his embitterment is showcased by his despise towards people in general. As he says to his phony brother Henry, “I have a competition in … Continue reading Daniel Plainview

Gunnery Hartman

(be advised, mature content) Truly the yardstick to which all drill sergeants ought to be measured against, R Lee Emery’s profanity laden, vicious Gunnery Sargent Hartman is a pure nightmare for the cadets in his beloved corps but a thing of absolute hilarity for us. His improvisation here is worth taking notes and spouting them at those unfamiliar with Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war drama Full … Continue reading Gunnery Hartman

Riggan Thomson

Michael Keaton’s performance is outstanding in this movie, it’s the best comeback role since Mickey Rourke’s portrayal in 2008’s The Wrestler. It’s the best B-man Keaton’s done, not Beetlejuice, not Batman but Birdman. And like Randy ‘The Ram’┬áRobinson, Riggan is struggling for relevance and acceptance of todays pop culture. It’s a high wire act of self doubt, self importance and self improvement where things around … Continue reading Riggan Thomson