Star Trek Main Theme



From one of my favourite movies from 2016, I’d recently likened to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ score that gives a eulogistic, sombre quality. The movie itself is something of a spiritual sequel to No Country For Old Men to show the death of the old west, there isn’t much hope for those both in and outside the law.

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

Sitting comfortably as one of Miss Sinatra’s most notable works and one of the best James Bond theme songs comes this oriental influenced number composed by the one and only John Barry. Sinatra herself expressed great hesitance throughout the recording to which Barry incorporated portions of her recordings throughout a total of 30 takes to be used in the final product. The title sequence is flourishing in blood red imagery, volcanic shots and silhouettes of Asian women. It’s one of my favourite movie theme songs, the kind I can just close my eyes to and bask in it’s beautiful orchestra.

Mica Levi

Mica Levi’s Oscar nominated score for Jackie is something dreamlike, eerie and horror like at times. These shifts in tone are clues of sorts to lure us into the pysche of one of 20th century’s most prestigious and beloved women. Its grown on me the more i listen to it. Id definitely like to check out more of Levi’s material


I have this soundtrack saved on my Spotify library and for some reason this track isn’t n there and it’s my favourite numbers from Inception. There’s not a lot of subtlety to Hans Zimmers score throughout the movie really, this number compliments the impending urgency of the situation Joseph Gorden Levitt’s Arthur is in.


I Had A Farm In Africa

From the man behind the James Bond theme, John Barry’s Oscar winning score for the Best Picture winning Out Of Africa is absolutely breath-taking. To tell you the truth, I haven’t even seen this movie myself yet and this soundtrack is urging me to. I’ve cried a few times listening to this piece in particular, it’s got such feeling and intimacy that I can’t help but marvel.