Greed is Good!

A speech that has affected television, videos and presidential campaigns, Gordon Gekko’s iconic monologue is a warning of America’s potentially disastrous future. The sense of conviction and humbleness from Gekko is quietly sinister but to a degree, admirable. The fascination on Bud Fox’s face speaks to the many up and coming stockbrokers of that era. The speech is a more subdued delivery than that of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, its cunning yet uncomfortably true.


You’re tearing me apart Lisa

Described by Richard Roeper from the Chicag0 Sun-Times as ‘The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies’, The Room for me is a different kind of masterpiece. the filmmaking is insanely incompetent to a degree that makes it somewhat fascinating. I initially wanted nothing to do with this abomination, after seeing this 3 times already it’s utterly screwball and disarmingly charming in it’s unintentional humour that makes it the pinnacle of s0-bad-it’s-good movies. Immortalized by this now iconic scene which in turn is inspired by another iconic scene from 1956’s Rebel without a cause. It’s just one of those moments that’s worth imitating and relaying to your friends, surely a scene to sell to people to why they should watch The Room.

Hall Of Pain

While the some of the CGI doesn’t quite hold up today, the fight scenes is still amazeballs. The choreography by Woo Ping Yuen is just beautiful, better than the original I’d say. It’s awesome watching Neo dispatch The Merovingian’s lackeys one by one but not without being a formidable challenge. I used to try and imitate some of the moves when this first came out and I thought it was incredible.

Bullitt – Car Chase

(be advised, mature content) Regarded as the pinnacle of car chase sequences in all of cinema, this rousing and nerve wrenching battle between a Ford Mustang GT and a Dodge Charger R/T is simply beautiful. Steve Mcqueen’s Lieutenant Frank Bullitt makes a desperate bid to apprehend two hitman through streets of San Francisco. The sheer realism and the muscular atmosphere of the chase adds to it’s timeless appeal. If i’m honest the movie surrounding this chase is so-so, but this sequence alone stand amongst the most exciting and kinetic sequences ever shot, Enjoy!

21 Jump Street – Captain Sassy Scene

(Be advised, mature content) Ice Cubes mean mug attitude is just pure comic gold here, Jonah hill and channing Tatum arent quite up to snuff for the angry black captain. All they need to do is infiltrate the dealers and find the supplier. Anything that isnt those two things oughta set the cap off, and if they don’t like it, they can suck a d***

A F***ing Car – Planes, Trains & Automobiles

(Be advised, mature content) One of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen. I went through a phase of watching this scene once a day. Despite the family friendly nature before and after this scene, John Hughes somehow managed to make it work. Its completely justifiable to why Steve Martin goes to town on the clerk, but her “you’re f*****d” comeback has such a sting to it. Enjoy!