Greed is Good!

A speech that has affected television, videos and presidential campaigns, Gordon Gekko’s iconic monologue is a warning of America’s potentially disastrous future. The sense of conviction and humbleness from Gekko is quietly sinister but to a degree, admirable. The fascination on Bud Fox’s face speaks to the many up and coming stockbrokers of that era. The speech is a more subdued delivery than that of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, … Continue reading Greed is Good!

You’re tearing me apart Lisa

Described by Richard Roeper from the Chicag0 Sun-Times as ‘The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies’, The Room for me is a different kind of masterpiece. the filmmaking is insanely incompetent to a degree that makes it somewhat fascinating. I initially wanted nothing to do with this abomination, after seeing this 3 times already it’s utterly screwball and disarmingly charming in it’s unintentional humour that makes … Continue reading You’re tearing me apart Lisa